On April 16, "Sharing Design Talk for Culture Designers" was held in Milan. International designers gathered in La Fabbrica del Vapore to share their thoughts and inspirations of their design works.


On April 16th,  “Sharing Design Talk for Culture Makers”  was successfully held in La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy. Mr. Zhao Xiangdong, Consul for Science and Technology, Education and Culture, Chinese Consulate General in Milan, Professor He Renke, Dean of the School of Art, Hunan University, Mr. Liu Chunjie, Advertising & Marketing Director, Markor Furnishings Retail (MFR), Professor Francesco Galli, Dean Assistant, the School of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Madam Maria Christina Hamel, co-founder of the  Milano Makers,  attended the Talk.

Six Italian designers, Chinese designer representative Yang Mingjie, Zhang Jun, Zhou Zheng, Lotus Prize Winner and representative of  “Ya’an New Home” supported by Mango V Fund, along with teachers and students from Hunan University, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Tsinghua University have delivered speeches on “Art·Home”, “New Channel”, “New Handicraft”, “Ya’an New Home” to share their thoughts and practices in the perspective of protection of regional culture and traditional art, sustainability and green design, design and social innovation.


Sharing Design Talk



Yang Mingjie from Yang Design share his inspiration and “Snapshot” Spirit in Chinese Traditional literati for “Screen made by Tai Hu Stone”


Zhang Jun from Top Design shares the combination of Zen and Western Design applied in Home Furnishing




Professor Jiang Youyu from Hunan University shares “Art•Home”, “New Channel” Project


Professor Ahn Sunghee deliberates on the importance of design and technology for social innovation and future design


Ms. Luan Zhilong shares her cross-media work: Dong Brocade book