“Xiang-Sharing Home Flavor” Design and Social Innovation Exhibition is going to be held at the Milan Expo Gate, concurrently with the Hunan Week taking place in the China pavilion.


June 19th – June 23rd

From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

at Expo Gate, 

Via Luca Beltrami, 20121 Milano, Italia

June 15, 2015_Changsha “Xiang-Sharing Home Flavor” Design and Social Innovation Exhibition, organized by Hunan University, China-Italy Design and Innovation Center (CIDIC), and Markor Home Furnishings, is going to be held at the Milan Expo Gate, concurrently with the Hunan Week taking place in the China pavilion. Being a symbol of the 2015 Milan Expo, the Expo Gate is located in front of the Milan landmark, Sforza Castle (Italian: Castello Sforzesco).This “Xiang-Sharing Home Flavor” exhibition is the first Chinese exhibition that has ever taken place at the Expo Gate, and also is one of the Hunan Week activities.


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The main content of this exhibition is to display the exhibits resulting from the New Channel Social Innovation program implemented by the School of Design at Hunan University. From 2009-2014, with the great support of Markor Home Furnishings, over 250 teachers and students held summer camps and innovation workshops in such minority inhabited regions as, Tongdao and Longhui in Hunan Province, Kashgar in Xinjiang Province, and Youyang County in Chongqing Municipality. This exhibition possesses content under the auspices of eight different themes and these are: New Channel, Paper Cutting of Dong, Hua Yao Hua, New Silk Road Program, Ya’an New Home, Virtual Yuelu Academy, Jiang Home·Style, and Childhood Like No Other. The exhibition uses diversified culture carriers and presenting means such as visual, audio, products, design installation, and sculptures. These means of presentation interpret materials from the five different angles of, Home, Hunan, Taste, Creativity, and Sharing. This exhibition seeks to immerse the visitor within a design space based upon the regional cultures of China’s minority peoples and present the local home lifestyle to the world community. It also, in particular, highlights many of Hunan’s regional cultures and portrays the social innovation underway in China’s countryside. This is accomplished while sharing the memories of traditional handcraft arts.


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The exhibition takes place concurrently with the Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival,when Chinese families come together, eating Zongzi, (pyramid-shaped dumplings made of gluttonous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves), and racing Dragon Boats. The organizers will be handing out free Zongzi at the Milan Expo Gate during the exhibition, to enable everybody to also experience this Chinese festival.

The People’s Government of Hunan Province 
China Hunan Provincial Science & Technology Department
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Sub-council

Hunan University
China-Italy Design and Innovation Center (CIDIC)
Markor Home Furnishings
Private Incentive Srl

Image Captions

Image 1: The Milan Expo Gate

Image 2: A combination of digital reading, videos and traditional handcrafts

Image 3: Virtual Yuelu Academy – By using the optical adapter and Bluetooth remote control handle, the users will immerse themselves in a three-dimensional virtual tour experience of Yuelu Academy.

Image 4: Based on one of the portraits of the You Yang local opera characters, this mask is 3D printed and is placed at the top of a base using local agricultural materials

Image 5: Yao minority people in traditional dresses